Since 1922, Kappas have opened their hearts and wallets to support other Kappas in need through their contributions to the Rose McGill Fund. For the Kappa who suffers an unexpected crisis or financial downturn, a contribution from the Rose McGill Fund may be the support needed to help her finish her degree, get back on the road to financial recovery, or to sustain her through a medical crisis. If you are a Kappa, or know of a Kappa, who is in financial need, applications are available for undergraduates and alumnae at  The recipient of support from the Rose McGill Fund remains anonymous. When life gets tough, you can count on your Kappa Family to be there.

"A Time to Love, A Time to Care, A Time to Share"
Each year, Kappa Alumnae Associations have the opportunity to fulfill needs of deserving Kappa recipients by donating financial gifts, distributed during the holidays through Rose McGill. Our Dallas Alumnae Association participates by "passing the hat" at meetings and collecting funds online. Our members have been compassionate and caring, and have given generously to help sisters in need.