Agency eligibility and process to become a Kappa Tablescapes beneficiary ...

For 35 years Austin Street Center has served the most vulnerable of the homeless population in Dallas. Each night 400 men 45 and older & women 18 and older seek shelter with them, but their services go beyond a bed & a meal. After the basic needs are met, they work to transition these people out of homelessness through their housing-focused services & programs. This support is for the Sisterhood Program of the ASS.

Young women taking high school physics in the fall, typically in their junior year, are invited to attend a 10-day summer physics camp at no cost. The goal is to prepare them to be successful in their physics class, and get them excited about STEM careers that will provide greater economic security. Physics is the gateway course for students who choose a STEM major in college. 400 young women will be impacted by these camps during summer of 2020.

The Family Gateway’s Education Program helps counterbalance the negative effects of homelessness on children’s education and development. Children in their emergency shelter benefit from this project as do the rest of their families. They typically serve 85 children at a time in our emergency shelter, with families turning over an average of 4-5 times annually = ~400 children.


Kappa Tablescapes will help provide books, supplies, transportation, and childcare necessary to address the literacy needs of approximately 1100 refugee women and 400 children in 2020. In addressing this literacy need, not only will refugee women be better equipped to function in society and care for their families, and refugee children be equipped to succeed in school, but supporting this vulnerable population strengthens the entire Dallas community.

The Magdalen House provides the opportunity for women to complete their life-saving 14 day Social Detox Program. The services provided during each client’s stay include 52 solution-focused classes and meetings, connections to safe, transitional housing and integration into the Peer Recovery Program. While the Social Detox Program is only two weeks, the continuum of care provided for each woman by the Peer Recovery Program is year-round and accessible for a lifetime of freedom from alcoholism.

Our Friends Place is dedicated to helping young women break the generational cycles of abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness through empowering self-reliance and independence. OFP TLC program serves an average of 40 young women aged 18-24 annually. Many of their young women are entering adulthood without the emotional or financial support of a stable family. OFP TLC provides that support while giving them the courage and confidence to build a better future. Kappa will help with costs related to group life skills training for adult living, staff support and TLC site maintenance. Funding would also assist with costs related to case management and mentoring components available throughout the program and after completion of the program.

ScholarShot enrolls 50 first-generation North Texas college students each year. In addition, they advise 200-300 high school seniors, teachers, administrators and advocates each year. The Kappa Tablescapes grant will be used to support the cost for academic management of 20 first generation scholars for one year.

Our support will be used to establish a multisensory reading intervention program at Wesley Rankin Community Center in cooperation with The Shelton School. Modeled on the successful Shelton Scholars program, is designed to help students aged six and above in reading, spelling, handwriting, auditory discrimination skills, and memory. Each student will receive two hours of tutoring using a multisensory structured language approach to reading along with one hour of auditory discrimination and memory training in a small group setting. WRCC comprehensively serves 125 school-age children in west Dallas. The reading pilot program is starting small with 8 students and when the program is self-sufficient they will expand to include any student served who demonstrates a need beyond WRCC’s existing program and also referrals from local schools.

Proceeds will be used to enhance the lives of Kappa women and their communities by providing funds for educational programs, scholarships, financial aid and the preservation of Kappa heritage within the context of women’s history through our national foundation. Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation