Recruitment FAQ's

Recruitment FAQ's


Our Kappa Fraternity has launched an ONLINE Reference System for submitting a Reference for a Potential New Member (PNM).
This new system is designed to lessen paperwork, streamline and simplify the process for alums, our Reference Chairs, as well as chapters and their Membership Chairs. If you have any problems, questions or concerns with the online system, please email Kappa Fraternity Headquarters at


*NOTE: Your log in username and password may be different on the national fraternity website than on our Dallas website. If you have never logged in to the national fraternity website, you will need to Create an Account (link at Sign In). Help is available on the national site if you have forgotten your password or need help logging in at

Helpful tips for submitting online:
  • Please read the instructions page before you begin to fill out the reference you are completing.
  • Make note it is important to download or scan a copy of ONE picture to attach to the first page of the reference.
  • Do not submit your reference until you are completed.  You can save and come back at any time prior to submitting.  Once you submit your reference it is sent to the corresponding chapter.  
  • After your reference is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation within 24-48 hours that states the following: "Thank you for your reference for (PNM nameP.  Your reference has been received from (University/College Name) and we're looking forward to meeting her.  Please do no send any additional materials to the chapter.  This is all they need!"  This includes test scores, transcripts, resumes, letters of support, posters, flyers, food, etc.
  • All that is necessary is your endorsement and one picture using the online reference.
  • All chapters expect references to be submitted online. 
  • This is a standard process developed by National Headquarters
  • Next year, ask any PNM who would like you to write a reference to submit her information packet to you online.  This will make attaching a picture much easier and she will not have to make an enormous amount of packets or hunt down letters of support writers since letters of support are not necessary to pledge Kappa Kappa Gamma.   Only a reference is required.
Please read about the NEW GPA Requirements Letter (PDF) for Potential New Members

Guide us toward a potential Kappa!
We want to know if there’s an outstanding woman who would make a great Kappa. Tell us about her by using Kappa’s online reference system. Only members of Kappa Kappa Gamma may submit a reference. If you are an undergraduate member, your reference must be for a potential new member at a different school than where you attend.
To submit a reference, visit and log in. The online system submits references directly to the chapter Membership Chairman and even includes the legacy notification.
We appreciate your help in building the future of Kappa. 
Loyally,  Director of Membership


What is Recruitment?  Formal Recruitment, formerly called “rush”, is held in either the fall (fall recruitment) or spring (spring recruitment), depending on the university. Recruitment is a mutual selection process and typically includes a series of structured events that Potential New Members (PNM) attend in order to meet and get to know active members. It is a mutual selection process. During the entire formal recruitment process the PNM’s are guided by Recruitment Guides, undergraduate sorority members who are temporarily disaffiliated from their chapters during the recruitment period, meaning they have no input in the recruitment process of their sorority. Each spring, the Dallas Alumnae Panhellenic Association holds a Recruitment Information Forum to educate young women about the fraternity system and the recruitment process. For information about this meeting, please go to their website.

Who may participate?  Any undergraduate female student enrolled full time at that university may participate in recruitment.

Do I need a recommendation of some kind?   Any initiated member of Kappa Kappa Gamma may write a reference. It is a Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity requirement that anyone accepting a formal invitation to join have a reference written by any initiated alumna or active. If you do not know a Kappa, the Dallas Alumnae Panhellenic Association may help you locate women in your area that may be able to submit a reference on your/your daughter’s behalf. Each young woman who wishes to participate in Recruitment must register with Panhellenic at her college or university.

Why join a sorority?  Sororities are rooted in principles that foster academic achievement, student involvement, community service and life-long friendships. They are groups of unique women who come together to form a close-knit community of individuals with similar ideas, interest, and a mutual pursuit of a well-rounded education. Sororities are a great scholastic resource for students, offering the mentorship of older girls as well as the opportunity for study groups and tutoring programs. Most chapters require a high grade point average for initial membership. Kappa Kappa Gamma has taken great strides toward creating a responsible and safe environment for its members. All chapters have strict policies regulating the consumption of alcohol for underage members. Advantages of joining a sorority include:
  • A support network to help make the adjustment to college easier.
  • Academic resources and mentorship to help students achieve their academic goals.
  • Leadership skills acquired through hands-on experience.
  • Opportunities for active community service and philanthropy.
  • Internship and job networking.
Is there a cost associated with joining a sorority?  Like any opportunity for involvement in college, there is a financial commitment associated with a joining any sorority. The costs go towards National Fees, chapter operating expenses, and social functions.

Who oversees these organizations?  Individual chapters elect officers to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization. These officers are assisted by alumni who act as advisors. Each chapter is also responsible to the National organization of Kappa Kappa Gamma which offers support, advice, and direction through professional staff  members and regional volunteers. Every campus will have a Panhellenic Council, the umbrella organization that unites and oversees the chapters’ collegiate level activities.